Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of our patients by providing excellent, innovative and affordable speech-language therapy.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Washington Speech to be recognized for excellence in patient care and as a leader in providing innovative, high quality speech-language therapy. We will set the standard for delivering compassionate, respectful and responsive therapy and will seek to involve willing household members in the therapy process. We will create an environment that will attract and support the most highly talented clinicians and staff.

Our Values

The staff at Washington Speech are aligned around basic values that inspire us individually and as a practice.

Quality:  We commit to provide excellent patient care in a manner consistent with our values, the standard of care, and the ethics of our profession.

Compassion:  We commit to listen with empathy and then respond appropriately and rapidly with service and advocacy for each individual, each group or community, and for society as a whole.

Respect:  We respect diversity and individuality and hold each patient’s unique circumstances at the forefront of clinical care decisions. Each person with whom we come in contact will be treated with the utmost respect.

Integrity:  We commit to regular self-evaluation of our practice and continuous quality improvement to assure patient safety, the best possible clinical outcomes and the optimal use of speech-language pathology resources.  We set realistic goals and make honest commitments and then work to realize those goals and honor the commitments.  We will not compromise our ethics.

Education:  We commit to educate our patients, their family, and caregivers to optimize the clinical outcome.

Relationships:  We pursue our clinical mission in close partnership with other health care providers. We build trust through cultivating relationships and working in productive collaboration with others. Trust is earned and preserved through truthfulness, integrity, active engagement and collaboration with our colleagues and patients.

Professionalism:  We commit to conduct ourselves in accord with the highest standards of professionalism and to provide excellent patient care in accord with the highest clinical and ethical standards of our profession.

Community:  We commit to involvement in our community to contribute to its needs, to educate the population we serve, to advance our profession and to give of ourselves to improve our community.

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